Sforza Immobiliare

Sforza S.r.l. represents Clear Leisure’s real estate assets, running the management and consulting initiatives both in Italy and abroad. The company also operates for other partners in the real estate industry.

The main activities are:

  • Management of Clear Leisure’s apartments and for other investors for residential use only. To date, Sforza S.r.l. manages, in partnership, more than 30 apartments in Milan (Bocconi, Catholic and Polytechnic university areas) in addition to 10 apartments in London (White City area);
  • Trading of apartments to  do up in Milan using Clear Leisure plc or possibly other partners, such as equity investor;
  • Advisor for Clear Leisure’s buildings and other Italian real estate funds.

Sforza’s aim is to expand its the property portfolio and create a network aimed at the management of the apartments in the academic areas in the main European capitals, becoming a reference point for both students and investors.