Mobnotes S.r.l.


An Italian mobile location based application company, Mobnotes S.r.l. has seen a rapid take up since its inception, with more than [150,000] registered users in Italy, working in conjunction with the major mobile handset manufacturers and networks. In 2008, the company was a finalist of the TechCrunch50 (San Francisco), being selected for the international contest, out of a field of 1,500 other start-ups.

The company provides geo-social network services allowing users to locate nearby friends, shops, restaurants, etc. and send notification if desired. Mobnotes also links into various social networking sites to identify the location of friends. The company generates revenue through mobile advertising and custom co-branded solutions for platform licensing due to the unique dimension provided by its localisation services.

Mobnotes posted revenues of EUR [590,000] in 2011, and EUR [2.5] million in 2012, and is forecasted to become profitable in 2012, with an expected EBITDA of EUR 650,000, demonstrating its excellent growth prospects.


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