Investment Strategy

To become a market leader in the theme park sector through the:

  • Ownership and management of the Mediapolis theme park aimed at being one of the largest Italian theme parks in terms of investment, size, innovation, technology and number of visitors per year.
  • Creation of a Theme Park concept: “The Social Network Park” to create a physical place where the dynamics used in the virtual world can be mixed with the ones of the real world through partnerships/agreements with major players in social networks, linking the virtual world with the real world.
  • Acquisition of shares in other European theme parks in order to unify a particularly fragmented sector.
  • Proposal of engineering services on a turnkey basis to build theme parks on behalf of third parties.

To acquire a portfolio of significant minority stakes in other strategically relevant companies:

  • acquisitions in medium-sized companies which demonstrate a steady growth in income and profits.
  • Selecting companies which have synergies with the theme parks already within the Clear Leisure plc Group, in order to generate added value, higher turnover and growth among subsidiaries.

To create an exit for each investment through either an IPO or trade sale:

  • Clear Leisure plc¬†encourages each of its investment companies to develop and grow independently by following their own strategies, thereby reaching peak valuation.