About Clear Leisure plc

Clear Leisure plc (AIM: CLP) (formerly Brainspark plc) is an AIM listed investment company pursuing a dynamic strategy to create a comprehensive portfolio of companies within the leisure sector and its broader associated industries. Clear Leisure is headquartered in London with the majority of its operations located in Italy.

Clear Leisure’s core assets are the following: a 497,884 sqm land a the related planning permission and 10 Villas in the Porto Cervo Area in Sardinia, both through the subsidiary Mediapolis srl, a stake in Geosim Systems (an Israeli company that is seeking to establish itself as the world leader in building complete and photorealistic 3D virtual cities and in delivering them through the Internet for use in local searches, real estate and city planning, homeland security, tourism and entertainment), the controlling stake of Sipem SpA and a sushi franchising restaurant chain in Italy (Sosushi Company srl).

Clear Leisure’s investing strategy allows it to be either a passive or active investor and the Company’s investment rationale ranges from acquiring minority positions with strategic influence through to larger controlling positions. It is usual for one or more members of the Clear Leisure board to take a seat on the board of the investee companies.

Clear Leisure