Bibop S.p.A.


Bibop is a pioneering cross media company particularly active in the development of multi-platform digital content management, community building, web entertainment publishing, video participative technology.

Bibop has achieved a dominant position in the Italian digital technology and interactive video format market thanks to its experience in participative television projects, digital entertainment and a highly-skilled professional team. The company developed and patented the MyCast technology, a video-community platform that provides publishers with a complete video community tools to manage their internet presence and a participative video services across all platforms (web, mobile and TV), as well as making it possible to create participative formats through which the user/audience can interact into the TV show and participate live with webcams, mobile phones, social network tweets, video messages to allow the most complete social media interaction.

Through MyCast, Bibop has launched a revolutionary communications model, tested successfully and awarded internationally for its highly innovative character. This model turns the audience from passive spectators into protagonists, changing the relationship between audience and the means of communication, as well as favouring the new needs of interaction and participation: watch the MyCast video.
Clear Leisure owns [67.12%] of Bibop.

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